Stockholm for fish and good food lover

Like all Nordic Capital Stockholm offer a large variety and very good food. We could have definitively a gastronomic and fine dining experience in the wiking city. During my different trips, I had the opportunity to try some of them with more or less interesting experiences.

Here are my top list of restaurant in Stockholm




Sturehof, a classical in Stockholm for fish lover, the place to enjoy a good time, to start with a drink and enjoy evening in the city. Sturehof is a bustling meeting place – a stage that is intensively alive from mid-morning to late at night, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

They offer a large range of fish and seafood. They have an amazing turbot, (a must) but also interesting starter with scallop, or large selection of oyster. You have the possibility to enjoy raw fish, grilled version, but also, interest Scandinavian fish receipts. Average price 700/900 SEK with a glass of wine.

Bern’s Asiatiska or Bern’s Bistro& Bar. They mix flavors from east and west, recognize restaurant in Stockholm for Asian food, it also a nice place for lunch (salad, sushi, sashimi nigiri,…). As vegie is trendy in Nordic country Bern’s offer a large choice of vegetarian version of Roll, Tempura, Dim Sum , Spring Roll…).

I enjoy the place for the lunch, the business atmosphere is nice and service efficient. I am less fan on the evening, but food remain qualitative and good. The restaurant is located in an amazing ball room, probablye the most beautiful restaurant in Stockholm Average price 500/600 for a starter, main and bottle of water.

The diamond, my address in Stockholm, Smorgastarteriet. (If you get trouble to pronounce it, be aware that’s also a challenge for Swedish, it the name of a traditional Swedish tart). From my perspective the best restaurant in Stockholm (I tried it 3 times)


Complex and unexpected alliances but that work. Interesting textures. A perfect use of local products (reindeer, unknown berry through spruce or cod caught in the Norwegian Sea,). Service is friendly, perhaps a little bit slow, (but that’s part of the atmosphere) A unique menu,( 500 SEK, with wine 900 SEK) I AM A BIG BIG FAN


Another recent discovery suggested by a Swedish culinary blog. Oaxen Krog & Slip, here two options bistro or gastro. The Oaxen is located in an old boat factory. In the Slip they serve an interpretation of Swedish bistro fare, hearty and uncomplicated dishes. A nice place to organize a large business table at affordable price. Local fish, and vegetable are on the top of the menu. (500 SEK with a glass of wine)

On the Oaxen Krog, the inspiration is the nature (wood and sea). Inspired by the precursor Noma in Copenhagen, the Nordic cuisine continue to be inspired by the local product, close the wild local nature, unknown species of herbs. Sea and Earth are revised with lot of creativity. 6 Courses set menu (2100 SEK) with wine add 1300 SEK) yes this culinary journey has a price.

Wedholms Fiskit-s-really-too-salted

Wedholms Fisk : More traditional and convenient to set a formal business diner as the room is quiet, and table in spacious room. Tradition and quality fish selection. Good Dover sole and cod with shrimp bob This is classic but very well done The waitresses are friendly and efficient.

Lydmar-Hotel-RestaurantThe restaurant of the Lydmar, propose you a French variation of warm brasserie, located in a cozy room, like you feel at home. You could start with a drink in lounge atmosphere, and even on sunny day take your drink in the front of the hotel and feel Stockholm like in any place.





If you a great experience in a restaurant in Stockholm feel free to share via the comment section



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