Business Lounge Arlanda Terminal 5

The Gold Business Lounge of SAS is spacious with luxurious furniture, from Scandinavian designers. Organize on different zones concept you could enjoy a salon style sofa, face to face armchair, sofa, couch and more. Wood, marble and metal table complete the frame. Leather, tissue, skai, wood, stone, all materials are present in this lounge. Expert in design will be able to contest to recognize the signature


Near the salad bar, you could enjoy share connected table where you could display your laptop, to finalize your report or answer to your email pipeline. Large selection of drink and food and of course the traditional smoke salmon. For expresso control the machine to get the right one.


AS the services the lounge offer you the possibility to refresh, you are of course connect to the network with high speed internet for free. You could plug your computer everywhere as well your favorite device directly with USB cable


Top: Spacious, Design, Shower, Relax Corner, Internet connection, healthy food (fresh vegetable)

Minus: Expresso, busy place at rush hour, only one time information board on the entry




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