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On my recent business trips, I made several pics for my blog, but they are actually sleeping somewhere in my computer. It is time to come back here and share some of my positive and negative experience in term of business travel. My recent trips, I had the opportunity to enjoy en expresso in Munich, Milan, Zagreb, Wichita(Kansas), New York, Chicago, Madrid, Paris, Bangkok, Melbourne, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, San Antonio…….

I covered already some of this city, but I will add some new tip for Düsseldorf, Paris, and Milan

Close to 50th (in 1 month to be honest) I am still enjoying travelling for business either for fun. How could it be possible when you had more the 50 world tour in your miles account. Simple, I enjoy the pleasure to have this exciting live who give you the possibility to have a breakfast in Munich, a lunch in Frankfurt and a Diner in Berlin. The possibility to relax on the roof pool in Milan. To walk on the millenium park in Chicago, enjoy (or try to enjoy) an expresso on the Starbuck corner of an airport. An top to the top enjoying the pleasure of the flight.

I am still a small child in a plane, I am always enjoying taking off. What a great invention, imagine the pioneers who cross the Atlantic, the Manche, and create the history of the aviation.  To understand me I invite to visit my other blog

Now time to publish a new article, next article a « Day in Wichita, Kansas »

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